Effective educational technology strategies must link the “Three T's”— teaching, technology, and use of time — with overall whole-school reform strategies and proven pedagogical practices to accelerate the pace of improvement and ensure that all students benefit from the opportunity that digital learning offers.

From this central philosophy the Teaching with Technology (TwiT) program was born to address the many issues arising from teaching in the 21st century.  

Some of these challenges specifically addressed by TwiT are:

  • Professional development.
  • Resistance to change.
  • Providing Adequate Technology Access.
  • Providing Technical Support for Technology Use and Maintenance.

The main objectives of the TwiT training program are:

How to use the teaching tools that are available to the educators

  • Teaching tools in the context can be laptops, projectors, smart boards, smart phones, tablets etc.

How to build a blended class environment

  • A blended, or ‘flipped’ classroom is a class environment where new technology and traditional teaching methods are used in conjunction, or ‘blended’.

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Successful Training with TwiT