Reclycling Buddies is an initiative, in partnership with Tlokwe City Council, to educate and motivate learners to recycle waste. IDF launched a competition amongst 44 school (more than 30 000 learners) in the Tlokwe City Council area. 

Illegal dumping is a real cause of concern in communities. Recycling of waste reduces the waste to be dumped at landfills and it breeds awareness of the proper handling of waste. The best place to start this education is in our schools.

According to statistics Tlokwe City can produce approx 48 ton recyclable paper per week. Recycling this amount of paper alone will keep the environment much cleaner and can earn a substantial amount of approx R 24 000.00

IDF and Tlokwe City Council would like to make learners aware of the impact waste has on the environment and the future generations. Winning Schools won computers and cash prizes in the competition thus far.

Recycling of waste is a challenge for the future of our environment. If we start to educate our children they will have a much brighter future. 

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