Microsoft Excel is seen by many as the industry standard for data analysis, including graphing and producing tables. It is an ideal application for teachers and students alike. As educators start to understand the usefulness of such applications, we predict that a great number of staff will not only ask for training and support on these types of applications, but demand it. 

Applications like Excel's ability to help you quickly organize and create graphical representations of data for easier analysis is becoming a dominate force not only in the educational arena, but in the corporate world.

Many teachers have little Excel experience and for that matter, any application similar to Excel. What this means is that educators will rather spend time doing something by hand instead of using software like Excel as the tool. The bottom line is many wasted and unproductive hours that can and should be spent better.

Excel for Teaches is a training program where educators are equipped with the necessary skills to apply Excel in their day to day work. Educators also receive a gallery of Excel templates that are relevant to the teaching environment, with the course.

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