Bana Balang is a unique magazine to stimulate, entertain, educate and inform our Setswana youth in their mother tongue. The Bana Balang is distributed to schools free of charge, in the rural- and urban areas of North West and parts of Northern Cape Province. The youth is encouraged to read trough the entertaining and educational content.

Bana Balang recognizes that learners are multi-faceted individuals with a variety of interests. In response the publication offers interesting, actual and entertaining information to the widest variety of taste, as well as sms competitions, etc.

Bana Balang is a regular publication with objectives to promote reading, education and entrepreneurship among the target number of 300,000 Setswana-speaking youth in the North West and parts of Northern Cape Province. The idea was born by the fact there is little reading material for the Setswana youth in their mother tongue.

Bana Balang is a Setswana magazine distributed to more than 900 schools in the North West and Northern Cape Provinces. Bana Balang is also available on the internet at

The project is made possible by the NLDTF and advertisers. Bana Balang Fun Days were introduced where approx. 1 500 learners were involved to date.

From the low pass rate in schools as the main symptom, one of the solutions for the problem is to conduct education in the mother tongue of the learner.

Learners and parents, especially in rural areas, are uninformed about many issues. Such issues include health, business, political, social, moral and many more issues.

Bana Balang was implimented to supply educational material to learners in their mother tongue. It is also used in classrooms as additional learning material. The nature of the distribution of the magazines is such that it reaches the most rural areas and conveys information, not only to the learners, but also their parents.

Learners need to perform better in their studies to be better prepared for the job market and to live up to their best potential. The better our learners are equipped the better they can look after themselves and their families. It will create more and better job opportunities. 

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